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Food Journal – August

August 1: Breakfast: hardboiled egg, vegetable juice, and coffee Lunch: turkey avocado sandwich Dinner: Panda Express- 1/2 white rice, 1/2 veggies, broccoli beef, string bean chicken Exercise: none August 2: Breakfast: breakfast smoothie and coffee Lunch: Soup Plantation- soup, salad, flat bread, and ice cream Dinner: crab alfredo pasta with spinach Exercise: none August 3: […]

Food Journal – July

July 1: Breakfast: Steel Cut Oatmeal and coffee Lunch: summer tomato soup Dinner:  chicken kabob and rice Exercise: 30 minutes bike July 2: Breakfast: apple fritter and coffee Lunch: subway 6 inch roasted chicken sandwich Dinner:  pepperoni pizza on a BBQ grill and Caesar salad Exercise: none July 3: Breakfast: Ewing’s: pancakes, eggs, and bacon […]

Food Journal – June

June 1: Breakfast: leftover breakfast wrap and coffee Lunch: leftover chicken rice and vegetables Dinner: crab marinara pasta and salad Exercise: a.m.  30 min bike; p.m. none June 2: Breakfast: Steel Cut Oatmeal Lunch: turkey sandwich Dinner: leftover BBQ ribs , rice and corn Exercise: a.m. 30 bike; p.m. none June 3: Breakfast: Steel Cut […]

Food Journal – May

May 1: Breakfast: croissant and coffee Lunch: sausage peppers and onion with whole wheat spaghetti Dinner: Baked BBQ chicken tostadas Dessert: chocolate pudding with strawberries May 2: Breakfast: Steel Cut Oatmeal and coffee Lunch: smoked turkey and avocado sandwich Dinner: baked BBQ chicken tacos, corn tortilla chips and salsa Dessert: strawberry Jell-O with strawberries and […]

Food Journal – April

April 1:   Breakfast: Steel Cut Oatmeal and coffee Lunch:    Chili dog and chips Dinner:   Pizza Hut: 1/2 medium pizza with meatballs, onion, mushrooms, green peppers, and red cherry peppers. Dessert: Chocolate chip cookie Exercise:  30 minutes bike April 2:   Breakfast:  Coffee Lunch:    Carrot Orange Juice with Kale and Ginger Dinner:   Ham soup with 1 small Swiss cheese quesadillas […]

Food Journal – March

March 1: Breakfast: Steal Cut Oats Lunch: Chicken Marinara with Cheese and Spinach Ravioli Dinner: Baked Salmon with Lemon and Dill, Chopped Salad, and Basmati rice Exercise: 45 minute bike March 2: Breakfast: Steal Cut Oats Lunch: leftover El Pollo Inka with salad Dinner: Pad Thai and egg rolls Exercise: 45 minute bike March 3: Breakfast:Steal Cut […]

Cinnamon Toast

I used to have this as an after-school snack as a kid.  I forgot all about it until we saw a commercial for the cereal.  My parents didn’t buy sugary cereals when I was growing up, so this was our homemade alternative. Note: the pictures are four servings, but the recipe below is for one […]

Corned Beef Sandwich

Corned beef sandwiches are one of my favorites, especially with fresh corned beef leftover from St. Patrick’s Day. Ingredients   2 slices sandwich bread – rye recommended 2 slices leftover corned beef 1 slice swiss cheese 1 slice vidalia onion 1/4 c shredded cabbage 1 T thousand island dressing Toast bread. Spread dressing over both sides […]

St Patrick’s Day Chocolate Mint layer ca

Chocolate mint cake is the perfect end to a St. Patrick’s Day celebration with corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes. The mint flavor is light and compliments the chocolate.  You can add more if you like a stronger mint flavor. In addition to the delightful flavor, the colorful layers will impress your guests.   Ingredients 1 […]

Rainbow Fruit Platter

Fun way to include fruit into your St. Patrick’s Day celebration.   Ingredients 2 lb. strawberries – stems removed and cut into bit sized pieces 5 tangerines – pealed and separated 1 pineapple- peeled and chopped into bite sized pieces 6 kiwis-  peeled and sliced 6 oz. blueberries- rinsed and dried 12 oz. Cottage cheese […]