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Venus and Jupiter Converge – June 2015

June 24th  – July 2nd Venus and Jupiter converged to within one-third of a degree.  Venus and Jupiter are the two brightest celestial bodies after the sun and moon.  Venus is the brightest spot and Jupiter is the second brightest in the night sky, which makes the convergence easily visible with the naked eye. Unfortunately, […]

Baby Birds

On June 26th, a coworker brought these little baby birds to my office.  She had found them in her backyard the previous weekend, and has been hand raising them ever since.  The birds are about three and a half inches including the feathers.  And despite their small size, they chirp loudly.  They require food every […]

Urban Squirrels

Living in Los Angeles suburbs leaves a lot to be desired in terms of natural escapes.  There are occasionally a few “wild animal” sitings in the Hollywood hills and eastern outskirts of LA County, but the South Bay beach city doesn’t have much in the way of wildlife other than raccoons, squirrels, cats, opossums, birds […]