Living in Los Angeles suburbs leaves a lot to be desired in terms of natural escapes.  There are occasionally a few “wild animal” sitings in the Hollywood hills and eastern outskirts of LA County, but the South Bay beach city doesn’t have much in the way of wildlife other than raccoons, squirrels, cats, opossums, birds and peacocks.   Today, one of the caregivers entered the building and said that a bunch of squirrels were “running around like crazy” and one of the squirrels almost ran into her.  I scurried outside to witness nature at play.  Sure enough the group of about six squirrels were chasing each other around, jumping from tree to tree.  It was difficult to capture the commotion;  it was almost as if the camera-shy squirrels knew when to hide behind the leaves as I pointed my camera in their direction and waited for the perfect moment to snap a picture.  I could hear their chirps, but not see them.  Plus, I didn’t want to get too close just-in-case the squirrels’ physical displays were the result of an angry family dispute rather than a cheerful game of tag.20150626_115623zoom squirrel